Terry McLaurin Talks To The Media After Signing New Deal

July 6, 2022

McLaurin Talks To The Media

After weeks of working to get the details correct, the Washington Commanders finalized their three-year, $71 million-dollar extension with Terry McLaurin Tuesday. The deal comes on the heels of McLaurin’s third year as a professional in which he’s amassed 222 catches with 3090 yards and 16 touchdowns despite sharing the field with eight different quarterbacks. 

The star receiver spoke with members of the Washington media Wednesday morning. Below is the press conference in its entirety.

As you can see, McLaurin talks like a player five years older than himself. It’s truly a treat to see a 26-year-old humble about life after receiving a $28 million-dollar signing bonus.

When asked what his new goals were after getting his second professional contract, McLaurin responded directly.

“I wanna get to the playoffs and have a chance to win a super bowl. Personally, I want to continue to try to be one of the top receivers in this league. I don’t really go into this season thinking I need to have 1500 yards, this, this, and this. I think truly you have the most success individually when you have the most success as a team. And having that relationship with Carson [Wentz], I really want to develop and make it as strong as possible. So he knows he can trust not only me as a player but as a person that I got his back. I know he’s been through a lot in his career, and I know we’ll get to touch on that, but you know, I’m a guy who’s going to have your back man. And it’s not just him. That’s why I feel like that towards everybody in this locker room and in this building. So, I’m looking forward to improving my play on the field, hopefully creating more explosive plays, kind of like my first few years and coming out of college and improving in my yards after catch and just trying to be all that I need to be and have a full, healthy season to be what I need to be for this team and this organization.”

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